Tommy Lee has started sucking men's toes, it has been claimed.The Motley Crue drummer - who has previously confessed he is so obsessed by feet he prowls shoe shops in the hope of catching a glimpse of womens' toes – shocked onlookers at Seattle's Feniz club when he abandoned a groupie's toes in favour of his male bandmates.A source told the National Enquirer magazine: "Tommy was sucking the feet of a buxom red-head while his band Supernova watched."But when lead singer Lucas Rossi pulled off his shoes and socks and asked for 'a good licking' Tommy ditched her and started tonguing Rossi's feet."He then sucked the feet of other band members while onlookers howled in disgust.Meanwhile, Tommy's ex-wife Pamela Anderson has denied the pair are back together.The pair sparked rumours they were rekindling their relationship after they were photographed kissing outside Santa Monica restaurant The Ivy earlier this month.

But Pammie - who has two sons, ten-year-old Brandon and nine-year-old Dylan, with Tommy - has now quashed the speculation, saying: "My biggest concern has always been my boys - they are completely well adjusted, happy and thriving.

"Their dad has been in their lives in a productive but small way over the years. Like any other single mom I've tried to create a healthy example for my kids. That's why I realised early on that we are better off on our own right now, but I will work on my friendship, if nothing else, with their father who has admittedly made mistakes but adores us."

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