Will Smith has revealed the secret to a happy marriage - asking permission from your wife before you cheat on her. The 'Men In Black' star says he and his wife of seven years, actress Jada Pinkett, have made a pact that they can sleep with other people, as long as it isn't behind each others back. The smitten pair have researched the subject by meeting up with high-profile divorced couples, including Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman and Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, to find out what went wrong. Will, who has confessed to fancying his co-stars, revealed: "Our perspective is you don't avoid what's natural. You're going to be attracted to people. In our marriage vows, we didn't say 'forsaking all others'. "If it came down to it, then one can say to the other, 'Look, I need to have sex with somebody. I'm not going to if you don't approve of it - but please approve of it'." Despite admitting he has sexual feelings for other women, Will is determined not to split from Jada - and goes to all lengths to ensure they stay together. He explained: "Every time somebody in Hollywood breaks up, Jada and I go and find out why.

"With Bruce and Demi, we spent hours talking to them. And Tom and Nicole - hours, just trying to understand what happened.

"I don't let a day go past that Jada doesn't feel like the Queen of the World."

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