Aaron Carter's twin sister spent almost a decade "preparing" for his death.

Aaron Carter died in November 2022

Aaron Carter died in November 2022

The 'Crazy Little Party Girl' hitmaker passed away in November 2022 after falling over in the bath while under the influence of several substances but Angel Carter wasn't as shocked by his death as when their older sibling Leslie overdosed in 2012.

Speaking to Taylor and Tay Lautner on their 'Squeeze' podcast, she said: “What’s so interesting about Leslie’s passing — she passed away when I was 23 — her death completely blindsided me.

"I didn’t see that one coming.

“When she died, I was already in therapy preparing for Aaron’s death. I thought he was going to die. I feared it my entire 20s. I knew this day was going to come and I think he knew it too.”

Angel spent years trying to help her brother but he couldn't get out of his addiction and often pushed her away.

She recalled how, in 2019, the 'I Want Candy' hitmaker began to accumulate a number of guns and told her he had thoughts of killing babies during an alleged episode of psychosis.

The situation led to Angel, now 36, and her older brother Nick Carter to file for a restraining order against Aaron, whose guns were removed as a result.

She tearfully said: “I had to protect him from himself."

Angel felt Aaron's downfall was due to the years he was "exploited and used" by the people who had been around him since he began his career at the age of just nine.

She said: “I couldn’t save him. It wasn’t my responsibility to save him but I tried.”

Angel described the 'Fool's Gold' singer as the "breadwinner" of the family who blamed himself for their parents' 2003 divorce due to their greed over his success.

She said: “He thought that the success destroyed the family."

Though Aaron - who endured numerous stints in rehab in the years before his death - had been experimenting with marijuana for some time when he was younger, he moved on to "hard" drugs when he was just 12 following his parents' separation.

Angel claimed: “He was experimenting with ecstasy and huffing duster cans."

But she insisted she didn’t find out until “years later” that Aaron continued the “bad stuff” into his 20s.