Adam Brody kept his daughter entertained throughout lockdown by “role-playing” with her.

Adam Brody

Adam Brody

The 41-year-old actor has Arlo, five, and a son - who was born earlier this year, and whose name has not been made public - with his wife Leighton Meester, and has said the couple worked hard to make sure their brood were entertained this year whilst Arlo was home from school amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Adam admitted he played plenty of board games with his daughter, as well as playing with dolls, going for walks, and role-playing a variety of different scenarios in which Adam plays “the younger kid”.

He told WSJ. Magazine: "Go Fish was big for a while. We've stepped it up to Monopoly Junior. A little piano, a little karaoke. [Our daughter] has flirted with wanting to learn to ride a bike without training wheels and then kind of backs away when it gets real. And then a lot of walks through the neighbourhood.

“And a lot of role-playing, me in particular with my daughter. The books we read change too, and that's fun. Other new hobbies? Honestly, we're just beach bums. There was a doll she would play [with] that she'd want me to do a voice for, and she ditched the doll [and just wants me] to do that voice.

"Then she'll incorporate that character into a grander game she's playing. We’ve watched a lot of ‘The Sound of Music’ over this break, so she'll be Brigitta. [And I'm] just playing kids mostly - she likes it when I'm the younger kid, so she can tell me what's what!”

Meanwhile, the ‘Promising Young Woman’ actor recently opened up about welcoming a second child during lockdown, as he said he and Leighton feel “so fortunate” to have been blessed with a new arrival during a difficult time for many.

He said in October: "It's been pretty magical. It’s such a crazy time for everyone and we're so, so, so fortunate that we have some of the security we do and have the flexibility with our jobs we do. We talk about it all the time and we're just ridiculously fortunate and lucky.

“To be more or less quarantined during [this] time - the last trimester of pregnancy and the fourth trimester, if you will - has its benefits. You’ve gotten to be in a cocoon. The world outside is scary for the moment and also thrilling and hopeful."