Adam Lambert was to tour with Christina Aguilera.

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert

The 'For Your Entertainment' hitmaker has revealed he had plans to do a big summer tour with the 'Genie In The Bottle' singer, but things had to be put on hold amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

He wrote on Twitter: "You know what's funny? There was a whole plan to tour w @xtina this summer around the US. Big venues too! But unfortunately everything went into Lock Down before we were ready to announce. Y'all know I'm an OG Christina Aguilera fan. waiting time see if we can reschedule it! (sic)"

Meanwhile, Adam previously revealed he wants to get into acting.

The 'Ghost Town' singer - who shot to fame after finishing as a runner-up on 'American Idol' in 2009 - said: "I would like to get more into the acting world. I think that would be really fun. And also, I'm starting to become interested in planting seeds in the creative space where it's not necessarily for my own music, but to create other projects behind the scenes, to be a producer or a writer or a consultant. There's definitely some stuff in the works. So I'm getting geared up for that."

And Adam feels he has "learned a lot" from fronting Queen.

He said: "It does give me a perspective of what a good song is and why it works. I've learned a lot from singing those Queen songs for audiences. You go, 'OK, this is a good chorus, this is a good hook, this is a good message'. I suppose that's one of the things that inspired a lot of my new songs."