A few years back, we spoke to a wonderful young Israeli woman who went by the simple stage name of Meital. She was full of energy, excited to take on the world of entertainment, and eager to carve out a career for herself, making an impact in both music and acting.

Meital Dohan has worked hard to establish her name in the entertainment industry

Meital Dohan has worked hard to establish her name in the entertainment industry

Cut to this year, and Meital continues to work hard, but this past weekend a story broke on Page Six, leaking that she was dating Hollywood legend Al Pacino.

Spotted out for dinner in Los Angeles restaurant Dan Tana's, as well as a number of other spots, the pair have said to be hitting swanky events as a couple, but have to this point managed to keep their relationship under wraps.

The prying game is one that tabloid media likes to play a lot, so we'd like to remind our readers a little bit about why we love Meital Dohan. Yes, it's awesome that she's dating Pacino - he's one of the biggest acting icons the world has ever seen - but this is a woman who's got plenty of talent of her own!

It's always a little damaging when a woman steps out into the spotlight and suddenly is referred to as simply "X's new girlfriend". They're turned into a prop; something on the arm of their more famous beau. That's not what we do here at Female First. We celebrate everybody for their individual talents and skills, and Meital has many.

Quirky, passionate, and hilarious at times, Meital is somebody we're going to continue to keep a close eye on, but for all of the right reasons! Not simply because she's now the woman dating Al Pacino.

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