Alana Haim keeps getting messages from dentists asking to "fix" her teeth.

Alana Haim loves her teeth

Alana Haim loves her teeth

The 30-year-old star was hoping the private messages on her social media accounts would have something to offer her as a "young single gal" but instead she's just been deluged with offers to straighten out her gnashers from experts who saw her in 'Licorice Pizza'.

Speaking on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers', she said: “I’m a young, 30-year-old, single gal, so what do you do when you’re a young, 30-year-old, single gal? You go on Instagram and maybe peruse your messages.

“Funny enough, you know who reaches out the most? Orthodontists.

"The world… everyone is concerned about my teeth. I’ve gotten over ten DMs from orthodontists asking if I need help and can they please fix my teeth? "

However, Alana isn't interested in their help because she is "very proud" of her "snaggletooth".

She added: "And I love my teeth. I love my teeth. And I have a snaggletooth and I’m very proud of my snaggletooth, but the world of dentistry is not pleased.”

The 'Don't Wanna' hitmaker insisted she hadn't neglected her smile because she'd had braces for years growing up.

She said: “I had braces for four years, and this is what my teeth… I don’t know if you can zone in on my teeth, but this is what my teeth look like."

Alana previously admitted she was "super good" at FaceTime dating and it had served her well during the coronavirus pandemic.

She confessed: "Well, the thing that's funny about it is the bulk of my relationships have to be on FaceTime because I'm always on the road, so I'm super good at FaceTime dating. If I had a PhD in something, it would be FaceTime dating. So, I'm super good at it, and I think the thing that I've realised is now, because usually what you do is, you go meet up at a bar, and you go meet up at a party, so you can't do that. So, I've realised that the dudes that I'm talking to are not that great at it. People have to learn how to be good at FaceTime dating now."