Alex Rodriguez text Jennifer Lopez from the bathroom on their first date to tell her she looked "sexy".

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez

The former professional baseball player and the 48-year-old singer have been romantically involved since February 2017, and while he doesn't class their first liaison as a "date", the brunette beauty does and was surprised when she received the message from him while he was walking back from the toilet.

She said: "He always claims this [that it wasn't a date]. We have a little big of a thing about this.

"He asked me - he goes, 'Let's go out to dinner,' and I go 'OK.' I think that's a date. And then afterwards, after we have this date, he goes, 'I didn't know if this was a date, if you were seeing somebody or whatever?'

"I said, 'I wouldn't have gone out with you if I was seeing somebody else.' He goes, 'I don't know?'

"He reserves the right to say we were just having dinner, he started the date by talking about Benny and asks me about Benny [Medina, Jennifer's manager].

"At the first date ... we were having this not date, according to him, and we were eating dinner and getting to know each other and he leaves and goes to the bathroom for a second.

"I'm just sitting there, waiting, on my phone, I text my friend, 'I'm with Alex Rodriguez.' He doesn't know that part.

"He's walking back towards the table and I see him coming and my phone beeps, and I think it's my girlfriend and I look down, and he goes, 'You look sexy AF.' and I was like 'OK.' "

While she was surprised to receive the message from Alex, Jennifer thought the romantic gesture was "cute".

She said: "He couldn't say it. I had a turtleneck on and baggy pants and stuff, and I thought it was really cute. It wasn't like I was dressed for a club or anything."

Jennifer also admitted Alex, 42, is a "good dancer", but admitted it doesn't matter to her whether people have great moves or not, she just likes them to "have the best time".

Speaking on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show', she added: "He's a good dancer. He can dance, and he loves to dance, which is what I love. I don't really care if people are the best dancer or whatever, just that they enjoy themselves and have the best time."