Alexa Chung found it a “huge insult” being called an It girl.

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung

The 37-year-old star admitted she has only felt in control of her career since she founded her eponymous fashion label in 2017 because before then, she felt her modelling and presenting achievements were dismissed as her status as a fashion icon came first.

In an interview with The Telegraph's Stella magazine, she said: “There’s no autonomy in being an It girl. At least, not in what that term used to mean.

“When I first was called an It girl, it was like you’re a society girl. I was a TV presenter, it was a huge insult. I have a job. I work really hard.

“You’re being reductive by calling me something that you think represents someone who can’t be categorised.

“People used to say, ‘What does she even do?’ because I did so many different things. But now, that’s a classic millennial trait. No one goes on about it any more.

“All of those things that I studied in isolation [broadcast journalism, design and business] make sense to the job that I do now.”

The ‘Next in Fashion’ star - who is dating singer Orson Fry - admitted she still cares about what is written about her and can’t resist replying to comments on her Instagram posts.

However, she’s accepted the trade-off that comes with being in the public eye.

She said: “I used to be worse. If the comments are untrue, I get cross.

“I watched a video I did the other day and people were saying underneath it how I sound like a man and I’ve got a long man head.

“Being famous is like listening in to a dinner party where everyone is slagging you off. But they also give you free things. It’s like, ‘If you don’t mind everyone being horrible about you, we’ll give you this free dress.’ I think, ‘Fair enough, all right.’ “

Meanwhile, Alexa can’t wait for the coronavirus pandemic to end so she can throw a big party for her friends.

She said: “I want to throw a party where it’s all about your entrance. A compère introduces all your friends again, ‘Back by popular demand, it’s Pixie Geldof!’

“Nipple tassels, glitter cannons ... wouldn’t that be cool?”