Ali Wong keeps all of her awards in "storage".

Ali Wong keeps her awards in storage

Ali Wong keeps her awards in storage

The 41-year-old actress - who starred opposite Steven Yeun in the hit Netflix series 'Beef' in 2023 - has revealed that all of her accolades always end up in the same place.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight' before the Emmy Awards in Los Angeles on Monday (15.01.24), Ali shared: "Honestly, because they're so heavy, they go straight into storage.

"My kids hold them, but then we have to put them on a very high shelf tucked away so that they don't fall. They are like a hazard to them.

"I have to build like a high shelf behind glass."

The actress - who has daughters Mari, eight, and Nikki, six, with her ex-partner Justin Hakuta - has recently enjoyed success at the Critics' Choice Awards and the Golden Globes.

Ali has been happy to celebrate her recent successes with boyfriend Bill Hader - but the loved-up duo are determined to keep their romance private.

Asked how they make their relationship work, Ali replied: "I don't know, we are very selectively private, so I will keep that a mystery."

Despite her recent success, Ali considers herself to be a stand-up comedian "first and foremost".

The TV star admitted that she actually struggled with the demands of filming the show - especially in comparison to her co-star.

Speaking to Variety, she previously explained: "I don’t have too much formal training, and in terms of preparing, the thing that worried me the most was memorising all those lines.

"Sometimes, I’d have to memorise ten pages of dialogue in one day, and that part was the most scary for me. Steven would memorise this stuff fast, and I would have to start a week beforehand, prepping.

"Also, not doing stand-up was huge. It’s such a form of expression for me. To just take that away made me feel trapped."