Allison Williams will only take on projects that she believes are "relevant".

Allison Williams

Allison Williams

The 28-year-old actress - who is best known for her role as Marnie Michaels on the HBO comedy drama 'Girls' - may like the sound of certain jobs, but if she doesn't think she's the right person for them, she will turn down the role.

Asked how she picks which projects she agrees to work on, Allison said: "The three questions I always ask myself are, 'Why this?' 'Why now?' 'Why me?'

"'Why this?' is like, 'Why bring this into the world? Is this important in any way? Do audiences need this?' 'Why now?' has to do with whether or not this movie needs to exist in this moment. Does it feel relevant to what's going on in the world, or is it going to feel completely pointless or incongruous by the time it comes out? And the 'Why me?' is interesting because occasionally I'll read things where I'm like, 'I love this, I think it's important, I think it needs to come out now, but I have no business playing this part.'"

And the 'Get Out' actress credits some of her forward thinking to her "socially adept" parents, as she's never had to worry about them "embarrassing" her.

Asked what her parents are like, she said: "My parents are so much cooler and more socially adept than I am that I've never gone into an interaction where I'm introducing them to someone and bracing for them to say something embarrassing. If anything, I'm the one who's embarrassing, and they're just totally graceful."

But Allison hasn't always been able to pick and choose her acting jobs, as she says her "weird" looks meant she was often cast in lesser roles when she was younger.

She told Rhapsody magazine: "I just existed in this weird limbo where I was such a string bean and had weird haircuts and braces and was not just really in my body. And so that lent itself to, instead of Dorothy, playing the mayor of the Munchkins."

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