Andrew Garfield looks for "guidance" from his late mother.

Andrew Garfield lost his mother in 2019

Andrew Garfield lost his mother in 2019

The 38-year-old actor's beloved parent Lynn died of pancreatic cancer in 2019 but the 'Under the Banner of Heaven' star thinks about her "every day" and still seeks advice from her, but has found a "lovely" way of processing things if he doesn't get the "symbolic" message he's looking for.

He said: "Sometimes I'll want more guidance, more connection, more reassurance, something. And I'll just ask for it and it usually comes in some kind of symbolic fashion.

"And if it doesn't, there's something reassuring about that as well, because it's like, oh no, she's at peace enough to know that I'm fine.

"Maybe this is just my kind of optimistic kind of making everything meaningful mindset, but when I don't get a sign or a symbol, I go, 'Oh, no she knows I'm good. She knows that I don't actually need it. I'm just being a little needy right now.' So she's out doing something else. She's taking care of someone who actually is in need in spirit.

"That's where my mind goes. I mean, listen, we're all just making it up as we go along. But that's where my mind goes and it's quite lovely."

Andrew particularly missed his mother when he was at the Oscars recently after being nominated for Best Actor for his work on 'tick, tick... BOOM'.

He told People magazine: "I have to remind myself that she's not here because it can jolt you sometimes. So that feels important.

"And then for big moments, like with the Oscars recently, my dad came out and you kind of want to call her in and you want to bring her in your pocket and you do. And we kind of all held her in our hearts and just kind of walked with her for that whole thing."

And Andrew called on people to speak more openly about their grief.

He said: "We don't really talk about [it] in public, that there's a stigma on.

"We keep death at a distance and I think it's actually one of the big problems with our culture. That's my passionate belief, that actually once we start integrating and talking about and remembering and realising that we're only here for a brief moment, then life becomes meaningful. Then life can really get very vivid and very miraculous."

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