Anna Friel is “ready” to “fall in love”.

Anna Friel

Anna Friel

The ‘Marcella’ actress – who has 15-year-old daughter Gracie with former partner David Thewliss – split from Regimental Corporal Major Mark Jaworski last year after four years together but she’s now looking to move on and meet someone new, though she admitted the restrictions in place due to the coronavirus pandemic means it isn’t a great time.

She told Grazia magazine: “I’d like to fall in love. That’s on the agenda. I think I might be ready for that.

“It’s not the best time is it? What am I going to do, go to the supermarket? ‘Hi, do you like buying chicken too?’ “

The 44-year-old star insisted things are still “amicable” between herself and Mark.

She said: “It’s all amicable but my heart goes out to anyone who had to be single throughout lockdown.”

Meanwhile, Anna is desperate to leave the UK for a holiday as soon as restrictions are eased.

She added: “I so want to travel. I want to see the sea and put my feet in sand. I want to cuddle my 94-year-old grandmother.”

The former ‘Pushing Daisies’ star admitted lockdown made her slow down and realise what’s important in life.

She said: “It wasn’t until I had to stop that I realised I go from one job to the next.

“You don’t realise what you’re carrying with you and what you’re brushing under the carpet.

“I would have preferred not to have gone through lockdown as a single mother, but I’ve had time to work on myself, look after my skin, exercise and get fresh air, and realise how important it is to keep up with the people that you love and make sure you tell them all the time.”

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