Ariana Grande's doctor thinks she's a "bullet proof b***h".

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

The 'Break Free' hitmaker took a trip to see a specialist after being struck down with a bug but the medical professional had some good news for her and a few words of encouragement.

She wrote on Twitter: "despite being horribly sick my chords are pretty & perfectly healthy! no idea how but damn I'm thanking the heavens!! thank u lordtt! ...

"my doctor looked at my vocal chords today after a week of coughing and months straight of singing and called me a 'bullet proof b***h' (sic)"

The 22-year-old beauty recently had to cancel a concert due to her illness and took to Twitter to apologise to her fans.

She said: "Sacramento, I'm so so so so sorry that I'm unable to perform for you tonight. I'm just too sick... I never want to disappoint you. Rescheduling the show for Thursday and I really hope I can make it up to you then... & I love you so so much."

Meanwhile, Ariana recently hit back at claims she is a "diva".

She said: "I do see myself as a fairly positive, very friendly person. So it's kind of odd. I also think a lot of people don't know what the word "diva" means.

"If you want to call me a diva I'll say, "Um, well, cool." Barbra Streisand is a diva; that's amazing. Celine Dion is a diva; thank you. But if you want to call me a b***h, that's not accurate. Because it's just not in my nature."