Armie Hammer almost missed the birth of his son.

Armie Hammer

Armie Hammer

The 'Free Fire' actor underwent surgery for a torn pectoral muscle in January, and had scheduled the procedure to take place after his wife Elizabeth Chambers was due to have their baby.

However, little Ford was overdue, and when Armie woke up from the operation, he soon learned his son was on the way.

Speaking on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!', he recalled: "Right before she was supposed to have the baby, I tore my pectoral muscle completely off my skeleton. I was in the gym with my brother-in-law, John; we were just working out.

"Basically, what happened is I tore my pectoral muscle. They went in and they opened it up and they go, 'Your muscle is free. You don't live very gently, do you?' I was like, 'No, I've never been accused of that.' So, I'm walking around my house - really kind of hobbling - and my arm doesn't work. It's really kind of a sad thing. And my wife finally goes, 'You know what? Just go get the surgery. Honestly, you're not doing anybody any favours.'

"So I go and get the surgery after she's due, but she was was a little late with the baby.

"I go in for the surgery and then we're thinking, 'Now I've had the surgery; I'll be able to help.' But really, what happened was, I go in for the surgery and then I wake up in another hospital and all of a sudden my wife is having the baby,. You know, 'cause I'm on medication and all that."

When Jimmy joked he must have made an impression on his new son due to his medicated state, Armie quipped: "He slapped me. 'Wake up!' "

The 30-year-old hunk and his spouse - who already have two-year-old daughter Harper together - had previously vowed not to reveal the gender of their second child until after they were born, but Armie accidentally let slip they were having a boy during his last appearance on Jimmy's show.

And when he went backstage after the recording had wrapped, he was greeted by a stony silence from Elizabeth.

He admitted: "She was in the dressing room and I walked back and instead of 'Yeah good job, it was great', I got total silence. There were a lot of looks."