Azealia Banks is furious with RZA for not defending her following an alleged altercation with Russell Crowe.

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks

The '212' hitmaker has reportedly decided not to sign a record deal with RZA's label and is no longer friends with the 47-year-old producer, according to TMZ.

Sources have told the gossip website that Azealia, 25, had been in talks for three weeks to sign a contract to release new music on the rapper's label, but has called it off because she feels he has betrayed her.

RZA - whose real name is Robert Fitzgerald Diggs - was the one who invited Azealia to the party at the 'Noah' actor's Beverly Hills home, and sources close to the hip-hop star claim he feels Azealia is "full of it" and is the one to blame for the incident.

It comes after Azealia called Russell a "misogynist pig" after she claimed he "choked" her and "spat" at her before throwing her out of the room, and she now insists she feels "mishandled" and "mistreated".

She said: "I think he's a racist, misogynist pig.

"This is a stain on me. My ­femininity feels stained. I feel stained as a woman, I feel mishandled, I feel mistreated, I feel dirty. I feel very f***ing low."

Azealia, who is said to have made an official complaint to police, also claims the 'Gladiator' star was drinking a cocktail of alcoholic beverages and smoking marijuana before the alleged outburst.

She added: "Russell had moonshine on the table, and then Russell calls for whisky, so then they just start mixing them up.

"You know, moonshine, whisky, vodka, and smoking cigarettes and smoking weed.

"Russell and I get next to each other. He's talking to me, I'm talking to him, and we start flirting. We're having a really good time. He's got his knee on my knee, he's touching my leg, I'm playing him my music, he tweets my song The Big Big Beat.

"He's like, 'I love this, you're ­beautiful, this is great.' "

She then claims the mood changed after one of his female pals told her that Russell thought she is "hot" and the singer insisted she is "not here for that", but he "switched" after she later mocked an aspiring horror filmmaker in the room.

Azealia added: "Russell just kind of switched. He was like, 'Well you know what? You're young and you've never done anything in your career so you don't know what you're ­talking about.'"

She claims he called her a "n****r" and "chokes me by the throat, picks me up, throws me out of the room and then spits on me", the same allegations she tweeted about in a now-deleted post.

But Russell denies being racist, violent or any wrongdoing and insists Azealia turned violent, threatening to "stab" his guests.

A source close to the actor said: "Azealia's behaviour that night was abrasive, shocking, rude, offensive, abusive and erratic.

"She used the N-word repeatedly and hurled that insult at others repeatedly. Russell never used that word.

"Azealia's shocking and erratic behaviour culminated in her lunging toward ­Russell and one of his guests and threatening to slice their throats."