Nothing compares to these tiny squirrel-sized bundles of fur animals with an overload of cuteness.

Baby Meerkats

Baby Meerkats

If you need a daily dose of cute, look no further than these tiny baby meerkats.

Born at Symbio Wildlife Park near Sydney in Australia, these tiny pups are capturing the hearts of Facebook users all over the world.

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In a Facebook post, the zoo wrote: “Our meerkats had babies! We are overwhelmed with joy to announce the arrival of four of the most adorable babies to doting meerkat parents Aya and Penfold.”

According to Symbio, the video shows “their first steps outside of the nest box, first ever time standing up ‘in the sentry position’ and the first ever time they tasted solid food”.

They’re so small that all four fitted comfortably into a keeper’s hands, and even a pea was too big to fit inside their tiny mouths.

Facebook users could hardly cope with the cute overload.

“Aw jeez aint that the cutest little bunch,” wrote one, while another said: “OMG, the cutest ever & You lucky folks who get to touch them and hold ’em.”

So its true baby meerkats are just about the cutest thing you’ll ever see