Barbra Streisand finds her husband attractive even when they argue.

Barbra Streisand and James Brolin

Barbra Streisand and James Brolin

Although the 74-year-old actress has been blissfully happy with James Brolin, 76, since they married 18 years ago, she admitted that they do have their squabbles but she often gets distracted by how good looking he is.

Barbra told The Sunday Times Magazine: "I love beauty, whether it's in a piece of furniture or a man. My husband has the perfect forehead, the perfect jaw, the perfect teeth. Even if he makes me angry, I get a kick out of his symmetry."

Barbra also revealed that she once had so little chemistry with a co-star during a play, that she asked for a cake to be left to the side of the stage so that she could pine for it, instead of her leading man.

She explained: "It was a chocolate cake and it was put on the stool [in the wings] where I could see it. It wasn't that I had to cry. It was that I was supposed to be in love with the actor but I couldn't feel anything for him. I didn't even like him. I put the piece of cake in the wings so I could pine for the piece of cake."

Meanwhile, Barbra, whose new album 'Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway', is set for release next week, will be voting for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming US Presidential election but believes that the country is still wary of powerful women.

She said: "I pray that we will have Hillary as our president, and I think that informed, smart people are going to vote for her. At least I hope so. I've met a lot of people who are powerful and smart, like [US First Lady] Michelle Obama.

"When I made [1983 movie] 'Yentl' as a first-time director, I made it in England. Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minster and you had a Queen, so powerful women were no big deal. I think in this country we still think of powerful women as suspect, you know, like they're too ambitious or they're control freaks, which is such a shame."