Barbra Streisand has admitted she's "never" experienced sexual harassment.

Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand

The 75-year-old singer has broken down many barriers for women over her lengthy career, but has said she's never been the victim of sexual misconduct, and never had a "#MeToo moment" - a phrase which was born out of the #MeToo movement which encouraged people to share their stories of sexual harassment with the world.

In an interview with Ryan Murphy at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles on Friday (16.03.18) after being honoured at PaleyFest, the screenwriter asked her if she had her own #MeToo story, and Barbra replied: "Never! No. I mean, never. I mean, I wasn't like those pretty girls with those nice little noses. Maybe that's why."

The 'Woman In Love' hitmaker explained that she had "no idea" that other women were being sexually harassed, but admitted times are now changing for women in the entertainment industry.

She added: "It's tough. We're in a strange time now, in terms of men and women and the pendulum swinging this way and that way. It's going to have to come to the centre."

It comes after Barbra previously slammed disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein - who has been accused of sexually harassing a number of female employees over a 30 year period - as "vulgar", after she refused to sing for him at the opening of his 2014 Broadway play 'Finding Neverland'.

She recalled: "I thought he was vulgar. He wanted me to come there on his arm and sing a song on the album. I said, 'No. I can't do that.'"

The 'Evergreen' singer alleges Weinstein then threatened to never work with her, and to stop sending his films to screen at her home.

She added: "That kind of stupidity. So I thought he was a boorish guy."