Barbra Streisand broke protocol when she met President John F. Kennedy Jr.

Barbra Streisand broke protocol with JFK

Barbra Streisand broke protocol with JFK

The 81-year-old singer and actress has reflected on her performance at the 1963 White House Correspondents' Association Dinner after being invited by JFK himself just days after she performed on 'The DInah Shore Show', but she didn't quick stick to the etiquette.

Writing in her new memoir 'My Name Is Barbra', she said: "You must know by now that I can be remarkably blasé about a lot of things, but this was exciting, even for me."

After singing her three songs, she waited in line with the aother performers to meet the president.

She recealled: "When JFK got to me, he told me that I had a beautiful voice and asked, 'How long have you been singing?'

"I said, 'About as long as you've been president.' He laughed, and then I did exactly what we were told not to do."

She asked Kennedy to sign a card from the dinner for her mother, and he was happy to oblige.

She told him: "You're a doll."

Barbra has admitted onlookers were surprised by their un-presidential interaction, and she was left wondering if she overstepped.

She added: "I guess some people were a little surprise to hear me saying it to the president. Frankly, it just slipped out."

She reflected on the interaction - which came just six months before the president was assassinated in Dallas, Texas - in 2018 as she admitted asking for an autograph was out of character.

She wrote on Instagram: "I never ask for autographs... but I made an exception when I met President John F. Kennedy in 1963."

Meanwhile, Barbra famously contacted Apple CEO Tim Cook to complain that the iPhone was pronouncing her name incorrectly.

She recently told the BBC: "My name isn't spelled with a 'Z'. It's Strei-sand, like sand on the beach. How simple can you get?

"And Tim Cook was so lovely. He had Siri change the pronunciation ... I guess that's one perk of fame!"

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