Bella Hadid is being sued over an Instagram post.

Bella Hadid sued over Instagram post

Bella Hadid sued over Instagram post

The 26-year-old supermodel is being taken to court by a company called Chosen Figure LLC according to documents obtained by, because she allegedly posted a professional photo taken by an artist without permission,

The outlet reported that the court documents described the snapper as a "professional photographer" who has spent "significant time and money in building" their portfolio and claims that in posting the copyrighted image, Bella - who has almost 60 million followers on the social media platform and is thought to earn up to $23,000 for a single sponsored post - has "received a financial benefit directly" and prevented the rightful owner from making a profit.

The suit reads: "Plaintiff has not licensed Defendant the right to use the Photograph in any manner, nor has Plaintiff assigned any of its exclusive rights in the copyrights to Defendant."

The plaintiff is now seeking damages from Bella over the photo - which depicts the model wearing glasses and a pink coat outside of an apartment on August 12 2020 - and has asked for an injunction which would prevent the model from using their work again in the future.

Bella is yet to make any public comment on the matter.

The lawsuit comes three years after Bella initially faced legal action after she decided to post a picture of herself wearing a black-and-white-checked Tommy Hilfiger chapeau on the photo-sharing platform and was sued by Timur Mishiev, the copyright owner who sought unspecified damages from the model.

He claimed the supermodel had no right to post the image and that she is infringing on his copyright and the matter was settled shortly after going to court.

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