Benedict Cumberbatch wants his own range of 'Doctor Strange' merchandise.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch

The 41-year-old actor portrays Dr. Strange in the Marvel Comics Universe and he wasn't impressed when his 'Avengers: Infinity War' co-star Tom Hiddleston - who plays Loki - showed off the range of products inspired by his character and realised most of the MCU's other superheroes are emblazoned on backpacks, lunch boxes and other trinkets, but his alter ego isn't.

He joked: "This is a point of contention.

"Tom Hiddleston, he comes back from doing Thor and he's like, 'Look, dude!' And he's got a Thor lunchbox, a Thor slurpy cup and Thor backpacks.

"And there's Spider-Man backpacks and Hulk backpacks too.

"And I'm like, 'I'm a Marvel superhero too! Where's my Dr. Strange backpack for Christ's sake? Where's my merch I can bloody manipulate time. I can fly!'

"Kids need to realise the potential value of having a Dr. Strange backpack."

The British actor enjoyed shooting 'Avengers: Infinity War' but his favourite days on set were when Robert Downey Jr. was also around shooting scenes as Iron Man, because he always makes sure there is excellent food and everyone is well looked after.

He told RadioTimes magazine: "It's a happy set when he's around.

"He's everything you want in a friend and colleague and you get a proper lunch break with really great food.

"He's very generous with the spoils of his success. On the days he's not there, you're eating out of a Styrofoam box going, 'What is this? Bring back Downey Jr!' "

One of the things Benedict struggles most with when he's working is learning his scripts as he admits it doesn't come easy for him to memorise lengthy passages of dialogue.

He said: "I've always found learning lines very hard. It doesn't come easy."