Blake Lively left her kids for the "first time ever" so she could go to the Super Bowl.

Blake Lively left her kids for the first time to go to the Super Bowl

Blake Lively left her kids for the first time to go to the Super Bowl

The 36-year-old actress has James, nine, Inez, seven Betty, four, as well as a 12-month-old whose name has not been released publicly with husband Ryan Reynolds and took to social media on Tuesday (20.02.24) evening to recall attending last week's major sporting event where she acted like it was 2007 all over again.

She wrote on Instagram: "Last week I left my kids for the first time ever and wore pants that were shoes. I took pictures upside down and had no clue.

"I treated a friendship bracelet like a Flat Stanley for my husband like I didn’t realize it wasn’t ‘07. I borrowed more jewelry than the skelton in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. And I went clubbing. Now I know what my episode of the Twilight Zone would look like.(sic)"

Meanwhile, the former 'Gossip Girl' star - who attended the game with friends including NFL star Travis Kelce’s girlfriend Taylor Swift - wore a red Adidas tracksuit and cropped white tank top to the game, it was recently revealed that her accessories were worth half a million dollars.

The Tiffany and Co set was worth a massive $469,075, according to Page Six, which said her jewellery included a $18,500 link necklace, as well as a $78,000 diamond pavé necklace and another $62,000 yellow gold graduated link necklace.

It added the actress’ earrings were a mix of Tiffany Solitaire diamond earrings worth $1,650 and gold Elsa Peretti snake earrings ($4,000.)

She wore a total of 14 bracelets, stacking a $12,500 bit of wrist bling with a $26,000 diamond version of the same design.