Brian McFadden and Kerry Katona's daughter is "loving" living away from home.

Brian McFadden

Brian McFadden

The former couple's oldest girl, 16-year-old Molly, moved to Ireland to live with the Boyzlife singer's grandparents to focus on her final year at school, and the teenager's father says she's having a great time.

Brian - who also has 14-year-old Lilly with Kerry - said: "[She's doing] good. It's very different for her. She's so used to being in a house with five kids.

"But studying for her finals, it's important that she can get a bit of peace and quiet and she gets spoilt rotten by my parents as well, so she's loving it."

However, the 37-year-old singer can't understand why his ex-wife has publicly declared Molly is working towards becoming a doctor.

Asked if she still wants a career in medicine, Brian told OK! magazine: "No. That's probably just something Kerry said. She'll do something creative because she's a good singer.

"I don't know what Lilly is going to do yet - she's a bit of a madam."

Brian will be pleased Molly has settled in well because Kerry - who also has Heidi, 10, and Max, nine, from her marriage to Mark Croft, and three-year-old Dylan-Jorge, aka DJ, with estranged spouse George Kay - recently claimed she didn't think her daughter would be able to stay away for long.

Speaking before Molly moved, she said: "Knowing Molly, she'll be back every weekend

"If she doesn't like it, she can always come back home...

"I do think, a few months down the line, she might want to come home because I know my Molly. She will be massively homesick.

"But I've told her that I think it's the right thing to do. Her mind is like a sponge and just soaks everything up."