Caitlyn Jenner needs a computer to keep track of her family's birthdays.

Caitlyn Jenner has 20 grandchildren

Caitlyn Jenner has 20 grandchildren

The former ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ star has 10 children and stepchildren and 20 grandchildren and she admitted she'd never remember so many dates without having something in place to prompt her when there's a special occasion coming up.

She told E! News: "I keep track of them all on my computer. It pops up and says ‘Birthday!' That's the only way you can keep track of it all.

"I have a lot of children. A lot of kids and that goes into a lot of grandkids and we just had our 20th grandchild."

And Caitlyn admitted she always has a stash of gifts ready for her brood.

She added: "Especially little stuffed animals and this and that. I keep picking these things up with the little ones. They all love that stuff."

The 72-year-old former Olympian recently admitted she would love to have 30 grandchildren.

Speaking after her son Burt's daughter Goldie was born last month, she said: "I have 10 kids now, we are up to 20 grandchildren. Little Goldie Brooklyn Jenner came into the world just this week. I tell the girls I want 30.

"I love a good number. Thirty is pretty good, we will set the bar high."

Caitlyn and her first wife Chrystie Scott's son Burt, 42, has three children and their daughter Cassandra, 41, also has three.

Brandon, 40, has three children, and 38-year-old Brody - both from his second marriage to Linda Thompson - doesn't have any kids.

Kendall Jenner, 26, is also not a mom, while Kylie Jenner has three-year-old Stormi and a two-month-old son.

Caitlyn also has a number of step-grandkids, including Kourtney Kardashian's three, Kim Kardashian West's four, Khloe Kardashian's three-year-old daughter True Thompson and Rob Kardashian's five-year-old girl Dream.