Caitlyn Jenner's appearance on her son Brandon‘s new reality show was scrapped after she reportedly threatened legal action.

Caitlyn Jenner threatened legal action after finding out she was featured in the show

Caitlyn Jenner threatened legal action after finding out she was featured in the show

The 74-year-old television personality - who was Olympian Bruce Jenner before transitioning - was set to show up in an episode of UnchainedTV's 'At Home With the Jenners', however, she feared being seen on another network's programme would compromise her Fox News job as an on-air contributor.

Sources told TMZ: “Caitlyn had no idea she was going to be part of Brandon‘s show whatsoever, and she wasn’t happy when she found out he was using her for promotions, let alone when she found out she was actually in a scene.”

The former 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star got her lawyers to warn the production company that if they did not remove her scene, they would be forced to file papers, however, they agreed to edit her appearance out.

The former 'I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!' star has addressed the situation and insisted she is not "abandoning" her 42-year-old son because she never agreed to be on his show in the first place, but insists she wishes him well.

She said on X: “I have never been more excited working @FoxNews, reaching millions, especially in light of the presidential election and the summer Olympics right around the corner. Reality TV has been in the rearview mirror for a while now. I wish my son nothing but the best for his cooking show!”

When someone suggested she was not supporting her son, Caitlyn replied: “Abandoning? I never joined his show. I have been with Fox for years and plan to continue where my voice can be heard on sports, the Olympics, fairness in sport, the election, and a variety of other issues I am passionate about.”

Brandon recently admitted his relationship with Caitlyn has never been better.

He told Us Weekly: " I talk to my dad almost every day. We have a lot of things in common. … We’re both pilots, so we share a hanger, and we’re up there at least a couple times a week working on planes and flying and stuff. So, we’re very good friends and we have a great relationship, definitely better than it’s ever been, or just more close than it’s ever been, which is nice."

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