Cara Delevingne sometimes feels like "the most awkward person in the world".

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne

The 26-year-old star - who has enjoyed success as a model and as an actress - has admitted to being suffering from self-doubt, in spite of her celebrity status.

Cara confessed: "Sometimes I'm the most awkward person in the world in my body and my skin. Sometimes I'm far too confident.

"I think it's a constant journey."

The 'Suicide Squad' actress also revealed that she used to see make-up as something she could hide behind.

Speaking to Elle, she shared: "I didn't really understand make-up very much as a child, how it can be an incredible thing to use. For me, it was something more to hide behind or feel like someone else instead of really enjoying your beauty."

Cara is well-known for her bold fashion choices, but the London-born beauty has insisted she cannot be defined by what she wears.

She reflected: "[What you wear] doesn't dictate where you stand on the spectrum of fluidity and gender.

"This is still me. I thought that wearing a pink dress made me a 'girly girl.' It's not true. I can still wear a pink dress and have long hair and still not be a girly girl. [I] was playing with that: It doesn't have to all be cohesive.

"You can be [wearing] no make-up, but wearing a gown, or full makeup and wearing a tracksuit."

Earlier this year, Cara admitted she never really felt "beautiful" until someone told her that they loved her.

The model-turned-actress - who previously dated St. Vincent - shared: "I feel like the first time I really felt beautiful was when someone truly told me they loved me. Without anything else, without any of the things I thought it would take me to feel beautiful."

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