Cara Delevingne is set to inherit a share of £3.5 million from her godmother.

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne

The 28-year-old model will receive a generous sum from her Annette Howard - who sadly passed away earlier this year - as she left the money from her estate to each of her godchildren.

Cara's mother told Sebastian Shakespeare for his column in the Daily Mail newspaper: "She had a lot of godchildren - so many. She was unbelievable to all of them. She was like a sort of Pied Piper to kids. She loved them and they loved her."

Annette - who was married to Simon Howard - became chatelaine of Castle Howard in Yorkshire but prior to her death, she left the balance of her £3.5 million estate to be held in trust as she was unable to have children of her own.

It comes after it was revealed Cara is property tycoon as she holds a large share in a family property company, earning a whopping £278,000 for her work in 2019.

A source revealed: "Everyone knows property is a decent long-term ­investment and Cara has got her head screwed on. Footballers and showbiz folk have long invested in homes as they are so good at holding their value."

Documents show that the 'Suicide Squad' star runs Harvey White Properties Ltd alongside her father Charles, as well as holding £20.7million in her own company. Her own company's latest accounts reveal she took home a whopping £21.5million in 2018, double the previous year.

Meanwhile, Cara previously opened up about her own home, revealing she has an 11ft-wide bed on a mirrored platform in her Playboy Mansion-inspired bedroom.

She said of her rooms: "It feels like the Playboy Mansion with a touch of art deco and a David Hicks pattern thrown in for good measure. I wanted to reclaim the concept of the bachelor pad and make it my own ... Like [Nelly] said, 'It's important to have a friend with a pole in the basement.'"

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