Cara Delevingne has launched a new eco-charity.

Cara Delevingne launches eco-charity

Cara Delevingne launches eco-charity

According to the Mail On Sunday's Talk of the Town column, the 29-year-old supermodel has invested £350,000 of her own money into Initiative Earth, which is aiming to lobby governments to repair damaged eco-systems around the world.

A message on the charity's website states: "Initiative Earth is a charity that enables people to restore ecosystems and revive communities around the world. We are building systems that are aligned with nature. We are here to co-create a world that thrives."

It was first revealed in 2020 that Cara was setting up the charity, with the aim of "seeking to influence public opinion and to influence governmental and other bodies".

The charity plans to "hold festivals, seminars, conferences, lectures, tours and courses".

A friend of Cara's previously said: "Cara knows she has a lot of influence and is determined to use it for the wider good."

Cara also recruited Deepa Mirchandani, a sustainable businesses specialist, and Jack Harries, the son of filmmaker Rebecca Frayn, to work on the project with her.

However, she will retain 75 per cent "or more" of voting rights in the new initiative.

A message on Initiative Earth's Instagram page further sets out its goals, stating: "Our mission is ambitious: we want to co-create a world that thrives through happier and healthier cultures globally. Our method, however, is simple. We want to ignite participants imaginations through practical education to restore ecosystems, revitalise community and regenerate local economies.

"We promote a vision where people, economies and nature thrive together. We enable people to create systems that are aligned with nature."

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