Cara Delevingne has been learning French.

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne

The 24-year-old model was devastated when she split from St. Vincent, aka Annie Clarke, in August, but she has now turned her attention to Héloïse Letissier - who was born in Nantes, France - and is determined to do all she can to impress the singer.

According to the Daily Star newspaper, a source said: "Cara speaks pretty good French anyway, but she's been brushing up on it recently. Maybe it's for somebody."

However, it seems the bisexual beauty, who performs under the pseudonym Christine and the Queens, already knows about Cara's burning "crush" on her.

A source said earlier this month: "Cara was heartbroken when Annie ended their relationship but she's made no secret of her crush on Heloise.

"She really admires her artistry and thinks she's super-sexy, so I wouldn't be surprised if that ended up developing into something."

But, although she's developed a soft spot for Héloïse, it's believed the 'Suicide Squad' star is still holding a candle for St. Vincent, despite the fact the American musician has now moved on and is reportedly dating actress Kristen Stewart.

A source previously said: "Cara and Annie still care about each other, but pressures of the long-distance romance just became too much.

"The cracks were beginning to show on Cara's birthday in August when Annie wasn't there for her party. They decided to call it a day but remain pals and are hoping they can work things out as it's no doubt they really love each other."

The couple dated for 18 months but called time on their romance two months ago due to their hectic work schedules but they're still very much in contact with each other.

An insider said: "Annie is totally in love with Kristen but she still has feelings for Cara. It ended dramatically and neither of them really wanted to break up, but neither of them could seem to make it work with their hectic schedules."