Cara Delevingne believes "male and female" are no longer "opposites".

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne

The 25-year-old model and actress has explained that she believes the idea of what male and female means has changed over the years, and they are no longer polar opposites, as she says it's all about "feeling comfortable" in your body.

Speaking specifically about unisex fashion, she said: "As I feel about life, being male or female is less 'opposite' now than it ever has been. I don't think it's necessarily about picking something that a man would wear. I think it's about feeling comfortable whether it is masculine or feminine ... It's just about being comfortable with whatever you feel that day whether you decide to wear a ball gown or you decide to wear whatever you think a man would wear."

One unisex piece of clothing the 'Paper Towns' actress does enjoy wearing is an over the top Christmas sweater, as she thinks everyone should "look stupid" whilst spending the special day with their loved ones.

She added: "I'm very much pro Christmas jumpers - you are obliged at Christmas to look stupid because you're with your family. So, everyone should wear a Christmas jumper at some point."

Meanwhile, the 'Suicide Squad' star has admitted she feels less stressful in her job now that she's acting as well as modelling, as despite being much busier, it doesn't feel like work because she's doing what she loves.

Speaking as part of her role as Jimmy Choo's new Cruise campaign star, she said: "I feel a lot less busy only because I'm finally doing all the different things I wanted to do. When I had just one job being a model, it kind of felt quite monotonous - not in a bad way - but it was just a lot more travel and a lot more stress on me. Being able to create more and express emotions are the most important things for me, and it now doesn't feel that I'm that busy at all because I'm doing what I love."

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