Cara Delevingne has an 11ft-wide bed on a mirrored platform in her "Playboy Mansion"-inspired bedroom.

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne

The 'Suicide Squad' actress - who is in a relationship with Ashley Benson - shares a home in Los Angeles with her sister Poppy Delevingne and her own living quarters also boast a soundproof party bunker featuring carpeted walls, a mirrored ceiling, black velvet paintings of topless women and a stripper pole.

She said of her rooms: "It feels like the Playboy Mansion with a touch of art deco and a David Hicks pattern thrown in for good measure.

"I wanted to reclaim the concept of the bachelor pad and make it my own...

"Like [Nelly] said, 'It's important to have a friend with a pole in the basement'."

For the communal areas of the property, Cara let her older sister make most of the interior design decisions.

She told Britain's GQ magazine: "Poppy has more of an eye than I do. She has impeccable taste so I let her take the lead on the décor."

Poppy added: "Basically I'm a control freak.

"We each made our imprint on the design but I was the one obsessing over the colour of the curtain rings."

The 'Carnival Row' star likes sharing a house with her sister - who is married to aviation executive James Cook because Los Angeles can be quite "lonely".

She said: "LA can be a lonely place. You really have to make an effort to reach out to people.

"Since one of us was always coming here for one reason or another, being with family just made sense."

Poppy added: "This was the chance to build our dream sister house. Miraculously, we're still talking."