Cara Delevingne finds it "annoying" when people don't understand her sexuality.

Cara Delevingne for Glamour magazine

Cara Delevingne for Glamour magazine

The 24-year-old actress and model identifies as bisexual, and has said she gets frustrated with some of her friends who have "an old way of thinking" as they assume she is "gay" and don't always understand that she is attracted to both men and women.

She said: "A lot of the friends I have who are straight have such an old way of thinking. It's 'So you're just gay, right?' [They] don't understand it. [If] I'm like, 'Oh, I really like this guy,' [they're like], 'But you're gay.' I'm like, 'No, you're so annoying!'

"Someone is in a relationship with a girl one minute, or a boy is in a relationship with a boy, I don't want them to be pigeonholed. Imagine if I got married to a man. Would people be like - 'She lied to us!' It's like, no."

But the 'Suicide Squad' actress is "very happy" that sexuality is easier to talk about now, as she knows teenage girls who freely talk about the topic.

Speaking in the August issue of Glamour magazine which hits shelves on July 11, Cara said: "I know 13 and 15-year-old girls who are like, 'I don't know if I like a boy or a girl yet. I haven't decided.' And it's like [imagine] if I was able to comprehend [that at their age]. I am very happy how sexuality has become easier and freer to talk about, especially for kids."

Meanwhile, the 'Paper Towns' star - who has previously dated musician St. Vincent - admitted in 2015 she was a "hopeless romantic".

She said at the time: "I'm a hopeless romantic. I've done some outwardly romantic gestures. I've written songs for people, serenaded people with poems.

"I think it's always better to wait until someone does it to you. Because, to be honest, I don't think someone's done something super romantic for me."

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