Cara Delevingne is "very proud" of her boobs growing.

Cara Delevingne (c) Instagram

Cara Delevingne (c) Instagram

The 'Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets' actress shared a selfie of her posing in a bikini on Instagram over the weekend, and bid summer farewell by sharing her joy at her bust's growth spurt.

Alongside a photo of her in a bikini showing off her assets, the pixie-haired beauty wrote: "Goodbye summer holidays, it was nice knowing you... (my boobs have grown and I am very proud of them if you couldn't tell) (sic)"

Cara previously admitted she would like to be "curvier" whilst opening up about her body hangups.

Asked what her biggest insecurity was in 2013, she said: "My body because I'd like to be curvier."

Cara's pal Ellie Goulding previously gushed about the model's boobs and said they were her best friends.

The 'Still Falling For You' singer admitted she has a lot of affection for the 'Suicide Squad' star's assets and couldn't hide her feelings any longer after spending the evening with the stunner at the ELLE Style Awards in 2015, so she took to Twitter to praise her pal's pair.

She wrote: "I love @Caradelevingne s boobs!!! Wow!! They are my new best friend

"Thank you Cara (sic)"

Cara was clearly pleased with her friend's comment as she retweeted it.

Meanwhile, Cara recently admitted she doesn't worry about her Instagram posts being "perfect".

Asked the secret to social media success, she said: "Capturing a moment in its fullest.

"Doesn't matter if it's perfect. I like seeing people post all ranges of feelings and emotion.

"It's about being open and honest. People shouldn't be ashamed of the truth."

When it comes to beauty, Cara believes the key to looking good is feeling good inside.

She said: "I believe that beauty comes from within, so I would advise young women to take care of their mind and their heart as much as they take care of their skin."

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