Carey Mulligan doesn't "feel famous" when she's at home.

Carey Mulligan doesn't feel famous when she's at home with her family

Carey Mulligan doesn't feel famous when she's at home with her family

The 38-year-old screen star is mum to three children with her musician husband Marcus Mumford and she's revealed she doesn't feel like a world-famous Hollywood actress while she's living in the countryside with her family because most of her friends aren't involved in the entertainment industry.

She even compares stepping into her showbiz life with walking into Doctor Who's famous Tardis, telling Vogue magazine: "You know how in 'Doctor Who', there’s the Tardis, and it’s a phone booth, but when you step inside, you travel through time and space?

"Sometimes, that’s how my life feels … Like, most days I’m just me, I don’t feel famous when I’m out in the country, most of my friends aren’t in the industry, I have this nice, very regular life.

"And then every once in a while I step into a magic phone box, and - whoosh - I come out the other side in a designer gown and there are lights flashing everywhere."

Carey and Marcus are parents to Evelyn, seven, and Wilfred, five, as well as their new baby who was born earlier this year. The actress revealed her baby news in the interview with Vogue as it was confirmed she was six weeks post-partum at the time of the chat, which was given prior to the start of the Hollywood actors strike.

The actress has not confirmed the gender or name of her third child.

She has been married to Marcus since 2012 and previously opened up about suffering from postnatal depression following the birth of Evelyn. Carey said returning to work making 2015 film 'Suffragette' helped her deal with her mental health issues.

She told Variety: "It was either cancel the whole thing or just get on and do it. And that – and a combination of lots of other things, and help and support from everyone around me – was my light."