Celine Dion says "you can't please everybody" as she fires back at body shamers.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion

The 51-year-old star has responded to criticism over her slimmer appearance, and while she noted she's "always been very thin" she insisted she doesn't take notice of negative comments.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', she flexed her bicep and said: "Is there anything wrong about my body? I do ballet. I do a lot of stretching and I work out because it helps my minds, body and soul.

"When you go back, when I was 12 years old, my face was rounder because you have more fat when you're younger... But I've always been very thin. If you don't want to be criticised, you are in the wrong place...

"I take the positive. I take what's good for me. I leave behind what is not good for me. I let my management take care of that, and if it hurts anyone, they will take care of that. And I need to focus on what's right for me, how I feel and, last but not least, you can't please everybody."

It was revealed on Thursday (26.09.19) that the 'My Heart Will Go On' hitmaker will have to postpone four shows on her 'Courage Tour' due to a minor throat virus.

However, the singer has described her fans as "absolutely amazing guests" and thanked them for their support throughout her career.

She added: "I want [my fans] to know how much I appreciate the fact that they came to my invitation, in a way, which they accepted and they were absolutely amazing guests.

"I just wanted them to know that through the years, through my whole life... They have been there for me."

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