Celine Dion has developed a new "independence".

Celine Dion

Celine Dion

The 51-year-old singer - who has René-Charles, 19, and nine-year-old twins Nelson and Eddy with late husband Rene Angelil - has endured a tough few years, including her spouse losing his battle with cancer in 2016, her brother passing away and her mother's recent death but she's feeling "good" and work has helped her find "strength" and a sense of purpose.

She said: "I feel good these days. It's no secret that I've gone through some tough times, obviously losing my husband and my brother a few years ago, and my mother very recently.

"Life presents challenges to us and we try to find ways to move on.

"Music can be a healing force, and the songs on my new album have helped me find new strength in my life... and perhaps a bit more independence, because I'm the head of the household now.

"I've got sole responsibility for my children, and you find out more things about yourself when you're in that situation."

The 'Think Twice' hitmaker lost her mom, Theresa, last month and she paid a touching tribute to her "hero" and role model.

She told People magazine: "My mother was an amazing woman. Along with my father, she raised 14 children.

"We didn't have any money growing up, but our house was rich with love and affection.

"She was a great musician, and she loved to sing. She wrote my very first song. She was an amazing cook. She was incredibly funny and loved to laugh.

"She was my hero. I miss her so much... we all do!"

As well as her music, Celine has been able to heal from the tragedies in her life thanks to the love of her children.

She said: "I mentioned that music to me is a way of healing, but the most important job I have is to be the best mother I can for my children. They are the biggest source of my healing."

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