Celine Dion believes Lady Gaga's "legacy reaches well beyond show business".

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

The 'Because You Loved Me' hitmaker has penned an impassioned profile about the 'A Star Is Born' star for TIME magazine, after she made the publication's 100 Most Influential People in the World for 2019 list.

The 51-year-old superstar heaped praise on the 33-year-old singer-and-actress for always marching to the "beat of her own drum" and using her "individuality" to express herself without allowing critics of her "outrageous style" at the start of her career to faze her.

The French-Canadian singer wrote: "I love Lady Gaga, and I think she's got one of the greatest voices in the world: powerful, convincing, passionate and sensitive.

"She's definitely one of the most inventive artists we've ever seen.

"Her artistic expression has no rules, no boundaries.

"When she first came on the scene with her outrageous style, she didn't care what the critics said.

"She marched to the beat of her own drum, knowing that her message of individuality was a way to express her inner strength."

Celine also applauded the 'Million Reasons' singer for using her platform and "powerful influence" to help the lives of her fans and for her "unstoppable support" towards the LGBTQ+ community and victims of bullying.

She continued: "What makes her even more special, and such a powerful influence on society, is that she empowers her fans to adopt the very same values in their lives--to stand up for what they believe in, despite what others might think.

"By doing so, she gives her followers the strength and confidence to believe in themselves. Whether it's her unstoppable support for the LGBTQ community, or her anti-bullying campaigning, Lady Gaga's voice is being heard where it really counts."

And the 'Think Twice' hitmaker believes Gaga's legacy will last "for generations".

Celine added: "Yes, she's an amazing musician, composer, performer and, as we saw in A Star Is Born, an incredible actress, but her legacy reaches well beyond show business. She will continue to inspire love and freedom around the world, for generations to come. (sic)"

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