Celine Dion misses the "smell" of her late husband.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion

The 'My Heart Will Go On' hitmaker was left devastated back in 2016 when her spouse René Angélil tragically passed away at the age of 73 following a heart attack, and she has admitted she still thinks about him every single day.

In a pre-taped interview that aired on Thursday (14.11.19) on 'CBS This Morning', Celine said when asked what she misses about René: "His smell. His touch. His way of making me laugh. It's, like, when I'm not on stage and my fans are home and I go in a hotel, for example, I don't have any pillow talk."

And, although she's still dealing with the pain of her loss, the 51-year-old singer is hoping that she will one day find love again with someone new.

She explained: "Rene will always be with me, but I'm not in pain. Let go of the pain. Say yes. Say yes for dance. Say yes for friendship. Say yes for love maybe one day. I don't know.

"I'm an open book... I'm open. Am I ready? No. Will it happen? I don't know. But I'm not stressed at all. I'm enjoying my life so much more now than ever before."

And, earlier this year, Celine - who has children René-Charles, 18, and Nelson and Eddy, nine, with her late spouse - promised she would share everything with her fans if she does find someone and has a serious relationship with them.

She said at the time: "I am in love, I am in love with my life, I am in love with my children, I'm in love with my work. I love what I do today even more than before. Am I going to have a partner in my life? We'll stay tuned, and if I do, I will share it and it would be a pleasure to share it.

"It's a chapter that's closed, but it's not something that's dead. You evolve and maybe sometimes you meet a friend and it turns out into something bigger than that. Who knows and maybe not? But I will let you know. I promise."

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