Celine Dion paid tribute to her late husband René Angélil on what what would have been his 77th birthday.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion

The 50-year-old singer gave her late spouse - who passed away in 2016 after suffering a heart attack - a "birthday gift" whilst on stage during her Las Vegas residency show at Caesars Palace this week, when she performed a song titled 'You're The Voice' by Australian singer John Farnham.

She told the crowd: "This is the greatest gift that I can offer him for his birthday, because what he loved the most in the world is the fans, the music and to see me perform for you. Are you ready to sing that for René?"

Once the song had finished, Celine added: "Happy birthday, my love."

The touching tribute came just days after the 'My Heart Will Go On' hitmaker posted on Twitter to mark the three-year anniversary of René's passing on January 14.

Writing in both English and French, she tweeted: "My dearest René....always with me.....always will be. In loving memory... xx ... (sic)"

Celine - who has kids Rene-Charles, 17, and eight-year-old fraternal twins Eddy and Nelson - previously revealed that René was the only man she had ever loved.

She said: "He thought me everything. He's the only man I've seen. The only man I've loved. The only man I've kissed."

The 'Power of Love' singer also said that she was heartbroken to see Rene experience so much physical pain during his cancer battle.

She said: "The only thing I hoped while he was in three years of agony ... I wanted him to live in peace. I wanted him to feel so light and no worries.

"He had a little heart attack, it's so quick, he didn't even feel anything. I thought that he was like liberated from his pain."

Earlier this month, Celine revealed that she's come up with ways to feel like Rene is still a part of her life, including a bronze replica of his hand that she keeps in her dressing room.

She explained: "I shake my husband's hand and knock on wood with him every night before every show.

"Even after he's gone, I still talk to him. I'm trying to prove to him every day I'm fine. Our kids are growing, we feel strong. We're good."

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