Celine Dion's late husband helped her come to terms with not being perfect.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion

The 'My Heart Will Go On' hitmaker - who sadly lost her husband René Angélil in January 2016 after a battle with throat cancer - feels priveleged to have received his great advice and passed it on to talent hopefuls when she was drafted in as a guest mentor on 'The Voice'.

Speaking in a preview video from the hit show, she said: "My husband is always with me. He said, 'You cannot be good all the time. You have to be good when it's time.'"

Meanwhile, the 48-year-old singer previously admitted she feels "stronger" since the death of Rene.

She said: "When he left, he came inside of all of my kids' hearts and mine, he gave the rest of his 50 percent for me to be complete, to continue the rest of my life, to feel strong and to believe that I can still do this and he will always be with me. I feel stronger. He gave me the rest of him. I feel stronger, I step forward. I say what I mean, I mean what I say. I stand up for my kids and I feel like I'm the leader of the family.

"My oldest, 16, is not the man of the house [because] you have to have your own dreams. And the twins, they didn't suffer because I told them the truth. They didn't see my husband the last three years of their life, so they didn't get to know him so well. I was so confident in the way that I presented them the passing of their dad. [I told them that] he was going to be with us in a different way [and] I didn't have the rebound of that."

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