Channing Tatum relied on YouTube tutorials for guidance after becoming a single dad following his split from Jenna Dewan.

Channing Tatum has opened up about raising his daughter after his divorce

Channing Tatum has opened up about raising his daughter after his divorce

The couple married in 2009 and became parents to daughter Everly, now 10, in 2013 before the relationship crumbed in 2018 - and 'Magic Mike' star Channing has now revealed he had to rely on YouTube videos to help him manoeuvre some of the more complex tasks which come with raising a little girl.

During an appearance on the 'TODAY' show, he explained: "I didn’t plan to be a single dad, that was not in the cards [or] in my planning at the least.

"And I was pretty nervous. I was like: ‘She’s a girl.’ I was like looking up YouTube on how to braid her hair.

"I didn’t want to be the dad who was bringing her to school looking like she had just slept on the street. So yeah, this series of books kind of came from that. It was me really figuring out how to talk to a little girl."

The 43-year-old actor added of being a parent: "I have no idea, I don’t know. I’m just trying to get by. I think like every other parent, you’re just trying not to mess your kids up. But you know you’re going to ...

"When I knew I was going to have a kid, I was like: ‘Alright, I’m probably going to be the parent - I plan to be the parent - who was probably going to get her in more trouble than I kept her out of.’ And then as they kind of get older, you start to realise: ‘Oh, I have to set boundaries'.

"And weirdly, kids, even though they don’t want boundaries, they do want boundaries. Her anxiety goes down, her stress level goes down when she just understands the rules. And they’re not even your rules, we call them the house rules."

Channing went on to reveal Everly is a huge fan of pop star Taylor Swift and she's also into fairies and Celtic dancing. He explained: "Celtic Irish music. She’s a dancer, she loves Celtic Irish dancing ...

"She just loves anything magical - fairies, elves - and when you look on YouTube, all the clip art for Celtic Irish music is fairies, so I think that’s how we started it. And then she became obsessed with Celtic music. Now we’re doing Celtic Irish dancing, so that’s all we’ve listened to for the last two years."