Charlie Puth thinks the internet has "saved [his] life".

Charlie Puth admits TikTok has changed his career

Charlie Puth admits TikTok has changed his career

The 30-year-old singer has breathed new life into his career through TikTok, and Charlie admits that the internet has always played a huge role in his success.

Charlie - who has acquired new fans through his irreverent TikTok videos - confessed: "The internet saved my life in 2003, and it saved my life in 2020."

The 'Marvin Gaye' hitmaker loves using the video-sharing platform because it's allowed him to connect with his fans.

He told Bustle: "What works really well for The Weeknd, only works for him and like two other artists. Me, I need to really show my personality off.

"I wasn't doing that because I was surrounding myself with producers and record label heads who were like, ‘You are a massive act. You need to go away and work on your art for a while.’ The pandemic made me realise that I have to not only not do that, but the opposite of that. I need to show every step of the process."

Charlie's TikTok videos have divided opinion. But the chart-topping star is at least glad that it prompts a strong reaction from fans.

He said: "I would be more offended if somebody opens up my TikTok and they have no opinion about it, if they were indifferent. I want them to be either very angry about it or in love with it."

Despite this, Charlie loves using TikTok because it "shows your vulnerability" - and he wasn't a vulnerable person before he joined the platform.

He added: "There’s some downsides to that because now you have so much music coming out every day and you have so many TikTok videos coming out every day. There’s a lot of competition, but I think it’s for the better."

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