Charlize Theron is determined to teach her kids to be accepting of other people.

Charlize Theron teaches acceptance to her kids

Charlize Theron teaches acceptance to her kids

The Oscar-winning actress - who has adopted kids Jackson and August - has revealed that she's keen to instil good values in her children.

Charlize, 48, told 'RuPaul's Drag Race: Untucked': "I want [my kids] to grow up in a world where they know what it means to accept what’s not you, what is different and love that, to not be scared of that, and to embrace it, and that’s my job as a mom.

"I feel like we’re living in a day and age where our words can so easily be weaponised against us.

"I worry about us as people and what we can do to each other, and how powerful it is when you love and how powerful it is when you hate. One destroys and one builds."

Charlize previously revealed that her attitude towards life has been shaped by tragedy.

The acclaimed actress came to realise that "you don’t have forever" in life, after experiencing tragedy during her younger years.

Charlize - whose mother shot her father in an act of self-defence - explained to The Hollywood Reporter: "One thing that early tragedy brought me is the realisation that you don’t have forever. You just don’t.

"And it’s easy to be like, 'Oh, it’s one movie' - but then it’s another movie and another. And I don’t want to sound like I’m carrying some message on my sleeve, but I do think for women, we worry [that] if we don’t work harder and we don’t keep pushing, we will never quite arrive. And it is exhausting."

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