Chrissy Teigen thinks awards season is "weird" without alcohol.

Chrissy Teigen on navigating awards seasonwhile staying sober

Chrissy Teigen on navigating awards seasonwhile staying sober

The 36-year-old model celebrated six months of sobriety back in January but now finds awards ceremonies strange to attend because she is "used to getting hammered."

Speaking at the Hollywood Beauty Awards on Saturday (19.03.22), she said: "These things are very weird for me, because I'm so used to getting so hammered at these things!"

However, the former 'Lip Sync Battle' presenter then went on to explain that while she "connects" to enjoying alcohol at awards nights, she also enjoys not having "immense regret" over something she may have said or done whilst intoxicated.

She told ET: "Awards season, I very much connect to enjoying yourself and having champagne, but I also connected with those feelings of immense regret or stupid moments. Like, 'I can't believe I said that.' or 'I can't believe I did that' and 'I'm so embarrassed. So, it's so nice not to have those feelings anymore."

The star - who is married to 'All of Me' singer John Legend and has Luna, five, and Miles, three with him - also revealed that she has completed her last round of IVF after announcing she and her husband were trying for another child via In vitro fertilisation.

She said: "I finished my IVF part, so I feel so much healthier and so much better with that. So, the sobriety journey is fun, we'll see if I'm gonna make it through this awards season with nothing."

Back in February, Chrissy took to Instagram where she told her 38 million followers that she was "balls deep" into a cycle.

"She wrote: "hiiii. I posted about it in my stories, but I wanted to let you guys know I'm balls deep in another IVF cycle to save as many eggos as I possibly can and hopefully make some strong, healthy embryos." (sic)

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