Christina Aguilera wants to empower women to own their sexual wellness.

Christina Aguilera wants to empower other women

Christina Aguilera wants to empower other women

The 42-year-old pop star - who is the co-founder and chief brand ambassador for the sexual wellness brand Playground - has revealed that she's keen to tackle sexual stigmas.

She told PEOPLE: "This is a very natural progression for me personally.

"[I hope to] inspire other women to feel comfortable with talking about their experiences and owning their body and their sexuality and what that means to them, because every woman is different."

Christina suggested that women should pay more care and attention to their sexual wellbeing.

She said: "It's very interesting because when you break it down, we don't think twice about going into a store and buying something for our face, moisturiser, a product for our hair. But we don't really give the time and attention that is valid for our vaginas when they need extra love and care too."

Earlier this month, meanwhile, Christina revealed that she's determined to be "honest and open" with her fans.

The chart-topping star has always been "a pretty open book" about her appearance and her insecurities.

Asked about her attitude towards cosmetic procedures, Christina told Allure magazine: "I think it's great to share and to be honest and open about what you're doing - in your comfort zone, of course. I've always been a pretty open book about embracing my body, my looks, and things like that.

"But I'm a pretty reserved person when it comes to a lot of things. I think to each their own, and I think we [should] all do what's right for us, so I don't believe in judgement where that's concerned whatsoever."

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