Christina Aguilera says she was “probably the last person” she knew to lose her virginity.

Christina Aguilera says she was ‘probably the last person’ she knew to lose her virginity

Christina Aguilera says she was ‘probably the last person’ she knew to lose her virginity

The ‘Dirrty’ singer, 42, who has son Max, 15, with her actor ex-husband Jordan Bratman, 45, and daughter Summer, eight, with her long-term fiancé Matthew Rutler, 37, added being surrounded by backing dancers didn’t help her have sex earlier.

She said on the ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast: “It was later than you would think, given the girl that was doing ‘Dirrty’ and all this stuff.

“It’s more of a funny thing looking back… it doesn’t matter how it goes down, as long as you find your way and your path with being comfortable with yourself.”

Christina added she never managed to seduce any of her backing dancers on the road as most of them were gay.

She said: “I had certain dancers that were close. You’re traveling a lot and you have accessibility to only so many things. It is what it is… .

“Maybe I should have realised he wasn’t looking at me, he wasn’t interested in me... he's looking at him!’

“A lot of things where I’m like, ‘Oh, sad!’ I feel bad for my younger self.”

Christina, who has just launched a sexual wellness brand called Playground, also admitted about why she has steered away from dating fellow celebrities: “I’ve had my experiences… but my life is hectic enough, and this is a very narcissistic industry.

“My anxieties couldn’t take somebody that did the exact same thing I did.

“I know how this goes. I’m too vulnerable for this. I’m too sensitive to be so paranoid… I didn’t really have time for that. I always went for things that I would feel safe about.”

Christina admitted on the same podcast to regularly joining the mile high club with partner Matthew – but only while other passengers are sleeping.

She said: “A plane can be fun. We’ve definitely hidden some things under the blankets when the seats are big enough.

“I can’t believe we didn’t get caught so many times in so many situations. Thank the Lord.

“On international flights, I turn the light off. There’s always room to get creative. I use blankets.

"It’s like, ‘Oh, I feel safe with my partner here, like we’re just sleeping together’.

“You’ve got to wait ’til everyone’s like gone to sleep. It’s setting the mood.”

Christina who has been engaged to Matthew since 2014, added she finds using sex toys on planes a handy stress and anxiety-relieving device.

She said: “I’m not sure I’ll be recommending that to any nervous fliers, though.

“I literally remember even having this little pocket-sized one I could pack in my bag on an aeroplane. I was horny.

“Sometimes it’s an anxiety thing, too.”

The ‘Genie in a Bottle’ singer also admitted to having sex over a mixing desk, adding: “There’s been some good times, there’s like, the studio sound board.

“I’ve been bent over there a couple of times. It’s fun.”