Christina Aguilera has worked so hard to become "sure" of herself.

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

The 'Beautiful' singer is celebrating 20 years since she released her debut album and admitted when she reflects back on her life at the time, she was working so hard and was "doing everything" she could.

She said: "She was just ready. She was doing everything, being worked a lot I mean. I've been working for my whole life, so to ... reflect on that time and to be here now and as a woman, so sure of myself - and now I have kids who can watch at home - it's really exciting!"

And the 38-year-old singer is excited for a "new chapter".

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, she added: "This is a new chapter! I'm excited. My birthday's this month, so there's a lot to celebrate. Twenty years of original album is this year, so it's a lot to be thankful for and celebrate!"

Meanwhile, Christina previously admitted she finds it hard to juggle her career with life as a mother to son Max, 11, and daughter Summer, five.

She said: "The stage is my home. It's always been my home. But going on tour now is crazy.I hadn't toured in 10 years. I was, like, 'How do people do this with kids?' They need their bedtimes, they need their structure. Kids thrive under a routine. Getting off stage and then going home and reading a bedtime story because you want to get that quality time in - it's a lot. It's definitely a lot. But who am I to complain? I'm doing what I love to be doing again, in the driver's seat again, in control of my creativity - that is ultimately freedom."

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