Christine and Frank Lampard's lives are being blighted by dog poo being left outside their house.

Christine Lampard on Loose Women

Christine Lampard on Loose Women

The TV presenter is regularly left fuming by the animal waste which she finds deposited outside her front gate and wishes people took more responsibility for their animal's excrement.

During a panel discussion about problem neighbours on 'Loose Women' on Monday (20.02.17), Christine complained: "I have a right moan constantly about dog poo, I have a little dog and I can't understand why people can't tidy up after their animals. It seems to be just gathered outside my front gate."

Christine, 38, has an idea who might be responsible for leaving their mutt's muck outside her and Frank's property but she never finds the guts to confront them.

She added: "I have this whole eternal struggle in myself and then you see people and I'm like, 'Oh, morning.' "

Christine's fellow panellists couldn't resist making fun of her pooch poo problem, with Jane Moore suggesting the dog muck deposits could be dirty protests made against former Chelsea FC soccer player Frank, 38, by fans of rival London team Arsenal.

Jane quipped: "You don't think they're Arsenal fans do you?"

To which Christine replied: "Anything is possible!"

Ayda Field - the wife of pop superstar Robbie Williams - then joked: "Do you think they feed the dog up before they go out and then they get outside Christine's house and are like, 'Go on, off you go.' "