Christine Lampard believes she and her husband Frank Lampard work "much better" together when they're in "each other's pockets".

Frank and Christine Lampard

Frank and Christine Lampard

The 38-year-old TV presenter and the recently retired soccer player married in 2015 after six years together and she admits since Frank called time on his sports career they've been able to spend a lot more quality time together and she's loving their free weekends of fun.

The couple discussed their home life as Frank, 38, appeared as a guest on ITV show 'Loose Women' on Tuesday (21.02.17).

Christine spilled: "It's obviously a good thing, we are both busy we've got our separate lives and they can take over really quickly so we're actually much better when we're in each other's pockets. When he was with England in the World Cup and things, he would be away for six or seven weeks, and it's big chunks of the year. And it's not even just chunks, like every weekend, we haven't really had a weekend together in the almost eight years we've been together. It's been like lets enjoy this until something else takes up our time."

And Frank insists for him and Christine absence didn't make the heart grow fonder as they like to be together as much as they can.

He shared: "When I was away for six weeks at a time, we were actually a bit worse in that period, when we are not together we feel like we are not in each other's lives so much, and we question each other a bit more."

Frank also jokingly moaned that Christine gives him a hard time over the washing up and is very strict when it comes to their house being tidy and all the chores being done.

He said: "She is very fussy around the house, she's quite compulsive and fussy, and god forbid if I leave a plate in the sink for more than five seconds I'll get told off."

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